What Is An Analogy Alert?

What is an analogy alert? Where is it used, and how does it help protect law-abiding cyber citizens from serial offenders? I know someone here will have an informed answer…



Katie Shox:

An analogy alert is what internet platforms and social media sites need to display when a posting user cites an analogy. It is a type of content warning. A protective measure which stops innocent parties from having to read repetitive and increasingly elaborate attempts to prove a debating opponent wrong through the medium of spectacular exaggeration. Continue reading What Is An Analogy Alert?

Internet Strategies: What Is Source-Trolling?

Source-trolling has been reported as a growing Internet phenomenon – especially on the ever-chaotic screaming and foot-stamping ground of Twitter. But what actually is source-trolling, and what does it achieve?…



Nightshade La Pott:

Source-trolling is the art of constantly demanding sources and citations during online debate – particularly when a statement is universally acknowledged as true, or so obvious that no one would even bother publishing a source. For example… Continue reading Internet Strategies: What Is Source-Trolling?

What is Babe-Exclusive Education Syndrome?

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On the way to work this morning, someone on the train mentioned a thing called Babe-Exclusive Education Syndrome. So, I’ve rifled my extensive collection of dictionaries and encyclopedias for a definition, and I can now confidently announce that… I still have absolutely no idea what it means. Can anyone here fill me in? Continue reading What is Babe-Exclusive Education Syndrome?

Are My Cellphone Conversations Being Recorded?

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In live conversation, I swear all the time, to the point where people tell me I need treatment for it. When I recently purchased a new smartphone, I paid extra for the privacy suite, and believed I was safe from tracking. But after my first live conversation I immediately began to see adverts for profanity-reduction services and all the articles I see on search engines now have words like “shit” or “bollocks” in the titles. Are my conversations being recorded for marketing purposes? Continue reading Are My Cellphone Conversations Being Recorded?

New Discoveries in Squirrel Psychology

Whilst the squirrel is considered the most intelligent of all rodents, scientists have for many years believed its primary interests to be trees, nuts, and the general mystery of why cousin rat eats eight-month-old beefburgers out of bins. However, as documented in a new study released today, scientists have discovered that squirrels have a much more sophisticated selection of thoughts. Continue reading New Discoveries in Squirrel Psychology

The Making of… British Men Buy More Porn Than Food

The Making of British Men Buy More Porn Than Food

Every so often, a piece of journalism comes along and turns news reporting on its head. Incisive, clever, insightful – a game-changing story is what every news team strives to serve to the public. This is the story of a piece of journalism that set out to scoop fourteen news awards, an NTA nomination, twenty-seven five-star media reviews, and a BAFTA… And failed. On all counts. In fact it was dropped from the late bulletin to make way for a piece called British Women Drink More Gin Than Water. Continue reading The Making of… British Men Buy More Porn Than Food

How to Exorcise a Lavatory

Exorcising a toilet

There are a few things in life that everyone hopes they will never have to face. One of the very most harrowing, is the discovery of a haunted toilet. It’s not the sort of thing you ask when viewing your new home…

“Oh yes, the coving is very well fitted and I particularly like the kitchen design. But tell me: is the toilet haunted?…”

And even if you do think to ask, let’s face it; the answer is not going to be “yes”, is it?

“Ah, I’m glad you asked, Madam! Because the home you’re about to purchase has the most haunted lavatory in Britain. The list of demonic visitations extends back to 1944, and once rendered the lavatory uninhabitable for a period of ten full years.

Various cursed objects were found thrust down the bowl. The toilet was, for example, blocked by a non-biodegradable Bible between late June and early July 1968. And then, when the Bible was finally blasted out of the system by a highly experienced plumber, the troubled, ghostly presence thrust two more Bibles down into its place. In the ensuing years, no fewer than 7,147 non-biodegradable Bibles have been thrust down this toilet under unexplained circumstances. It’s believed that in February 1989, there were nine Bibles down there at once. Will you be buying the house Madam?…”

If you’re buying a new home, and the toilet is haunted, chances are you’re not going to find out about it until it’s too late. Your lavatory will need to be exorcised, and that opens up a whole new array of problems… Continue reading How to Exorcise a Lavatory