A Three-Year-Old Wrote This…

A three-year-old wrote this…

Pythagoras Einstein Newton and Twitter

Pythagoras, Einstein and Isaac Newton were total dickheads who needed to get a life.

Yes, it is true that they made some kind of contribution to modern understanding, but I do not like the way that grown-ups wallow in adulation for these people, whilst neglecting to pay attention to me.

Therefore, when I grow up, I am going to become a Twitter troll and dedicate my life to slurring, insulting, hounding and belittling anyone more important than myself. It will be my life’s mission to ensure that no one is held in such high esteem as Pythagoras, Einstein or Newton, ever again.


Katie Shox:
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Awww, so cute!

Victoria Druggs:
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Oh bless.

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Someone should Tweet that – it’ll get about fifty-eight million Retweets.