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Clothez Xpandr Expands Your Clothes

Clothez Xpandr Xpands Clothes

If you think you’ve seen enough of Barry Scott and his beloved Cillit Bang during your evenings in front of the telly, you’d better brace yourself for one Butchard Plank, and his altogether bigger, louder, and frankly, more expensive campaign. Yes, there’s a new technology in town, and this one, says product inventor Plank, is gonna knock you flat. Continue reading Clothez Xpandr Expands Your Clothes


I Am Not Seeking Attention, But…

I Am Leaving Twitter

With deep regret, I must announce that on Thursday 25th December 2014, I shall be leaving the Internet for almost ten minutes. As you know, I do not like attention, and I would not want this post to look as if I am fishing for messages and perhaps a couple of online petitions begging me to stay. I am merely informing those who may wish to contact me during my eight minute absence, that sadly, it will not Continue reading I Am Not Seeking Attention, But…