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What Is An Analogy Alert?

What is an analogy alert? Where is it used, and how does it help protect law-abiding cyber citizens from serial offenders? I know someone here will have an informed answer…



Katie Shox:

An analogy alert is what internet platforms and social media sites need to display when a posting user cites an analogy. It is a type of content warning. A protective measure which stops innocent parties from having to read repetitive and increasingly elaborate attempts to prove a debating opponent wrong through the medium of spectacular exaggeration. Continue reading What Is An Analogy Alert?

Are My Cellphone Conversations Being Recorded?

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In live conversation, I swear all the time, to the point where people tell me I need treatment for it. When I recently purchased a new smartphone, I paid extra for the privacy suite, and believed I was safe from tracking. But after my first live conversation I immediately began to see adverts for profanity-reduction services and all the articles I see on search engines now have words like “shit” or “bollocks” in the titles. Are my conversations being recorded for marketing purposes? Continue reading Are My Cellphone Conversations Being Recorded?

New Discoveries in Squirrel Psychology

Whilst the squirrel is considered the most intelligent of all rodents, scientists have for many years believed its primary interests to be trees, nuts, and the general mystery of why cousin rat eats eight-month-old beefburgers out of bins. However, as documented in a new study released today, scientists have discovered that squirrels have a much more sophisticated selection of thoughts. Continue reading New Discoveries in Squirrel Psychology

Campaign to Make Life Quotes Illegal

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I am campaigning to make life quotes illegal, on the basis that they are indiscriminately persuading Twitter users not to give up on their goals, when they should never even have set any goals in the first place.

In association with a small group of scientists who have asked to remain nameless, I have determined that life quotes are not only bad advice for 90% of Twitter’s userbase – they are also a form of torture. Accordingly, they should carry a minimum sentence of life imprisonment, in solitary confinement, on a diet of highly laxative cereal and water.

Please do whatever you can to spread this message and further the campaign, since I literally can’t be bothered. Continue reading Campaign to Make Life Quotes Illegal

What Date Did My Career Lurch Into An Unstoppable Nosedive?

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I keep hearing people talking about “What Date Did My Career Lurch Into An Unstoppable Nosedive?”. What is it, and why is everyone talking about it? Continue reading What Date Did My Career Lurch Into An Unstoppable Nosedive?

Social Media in the Early 1990s

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Was there really such a thing as social media in 1992? Well, speaking as someone who actually worked for the earliest known social media provider, I can confirm that indeed there was. Things were a bit slower back in 1992, but no less exciting, and actually, things have changed very little… Continue reading Social Media in the Early 1990s

A Revolutionary Dental Serum

Revolutionary Dental Serum

Good afternoon. I am Butchard Plank – Managing Director of Plank Industries. You may have seen my innovative genius reported on this blog before, but this time, I need your help before the product even goes to market.

We at Plank Industries have come up with a revolutionary dental serum which protects teeth in a way no previous product has ever approached. It is going to change the world and make all dentists redundant. Continue reading A Revolutionary Dental Serum